The G5RV Antenna

The G5RV is an excellent all-band, 3.5 - 30 MHz, 102 Ft. dipole. The 102 ft. dipole with 31 ft. feeder of 450 ohm transmission line achieves a resonance on all bands from 80 to 10 meters with only one antenna without any loss in traps and coils The impedance at the end of the 450 ohm feed line is 50-60 ohms.

On 3.5 MHz, the electrical center of the antenna starts at approximately 15 Ft. down the 450 ohm line. On 3.5 MHz a portion of the dipole is operating as a folded dipole. The antenna functions as two half-waves in phase on 7 MHz with a portion folded in the center. In the 14 MHz band, the antenna operates as a three half-wavelength antenna. On 21 MHz the antenna acts as two full-wavelengths in phase. On the 28 MHz band it operates as two one and a half waves in line fed in phase.

The G5RV is slightly short on 80 meters, where the 450 ohm line serves as a matching stub and both a stub and/or impedance matching transformer on the other bands.

To perform properly the G5RV should be fed with a coax cable at least 70 Ft. long..

JETSTREAM JTG5RV G5RV Dipole antenna
JETSTREAM JTG5RV G5RV Dipole antenna
Time Left: 28d 8h 34m
RADIOWAVZ G5RV JR 40m - 6m 51' Wire Antenna
RADIOWAVZ G5RV JR 40m - 6m 51' Wire Antenna
Time Left: 16d 11h 38m

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